VelTrak™ farm action begins

VelTrak™ farm action begins

Friday, April 23, 2021

Farm registration with VelTrak begins on 3 May, when the primary contacts on deer farms will be emailed an invitation to register. In the same week, a printed brochure will be delivered to all farms, explaining the benefits of VelTrak and what it means.

“When you get the invitation, please register promptly, so you become familiar with VelTrak and can have any questions answered well before the start of the new season,” advises DINZ QA manager John Tacon.

“In order to sell your velvet in the 2021/22 season, you will need to be registered with VelTrak and using the new black VelTrak tags. All VSDs will be electronic and you will need to approve them on the VelTrak website. The familiar blue tags and paper VSDs will no longer be accepted.” 

To ensure farmers are fully informed about VelTrak, he says the following activities are planned:

Farmer webinars

These will last roughly 45 mins. Click here to register >>

  • Friday 23 April, 1 pm
  • Wednesday 28 April, 1 pm
  • Thursday 29 April, 1 pm 

In the mail

  • 20 April: VelTrak advertisement in Deer Industry News
  • 3 May: Invitation to register on VelTrak emailed to all farms
  • 3-10 May: VelTrak brochure and letter delivered to all farms
  • Early September: VelTrak ‘How-to’ guide mailed to farms

Farmer actions

  • From 3 May: Use the link in the email to register, add team members and choose your vet practice.
  • Attend a VelTrak presentation: There will be presentations at the 2021 Deer Industry Conference, the North Island Tech Expo and other industry events.
  • Before the 2021/22 velvet season: Order the new black VelTrak tags from your vet practice, as usual.
  • Apply the black tags to velvet when harvested.
  • Promptly check and approve draft eVSDs on the VelTrak website once your velvet has been sold or has gone to the packhouse.

VelTrak questions?
Free phone: 0508 VELTRAK