Keen on Genes

Keen on Genes

This series of six podcasts called "Keen on Genes" takes you through the story of deer genetics and sheds light on how important deer genetics are to future productivity and profitability on the farm. Narrated by award-winning rural broadcaster Susan Murray and co-produced by Susan and Deer Industry News Editor Phil Stewart.

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Episode One - Genetics 101

In the first of the series, industry experts Sharon McIntyre (Deer Select Manager), Geoff Asher and Jamie Ward (AgResearch) will explain genetics and how superior genes get to work in your breeding herd.

Episode Two - How Breeding Values work

In this episode, Susan Murray digs a little deeper into genetics and explains how breeding values work, and how that translates to value in dollars and cents.

Episode Three - Terminal or maternal sire genetics?

Susan Murray explores the genetics that go into terminal and maternal sires, with some ideas about where your investment can go, depending on and your breeding objectives.

Episode Four - Breeding objectives on the farm

Sharon McIntyre talks over breeding objectives on the farm with Otago breeders and finishers, Tony and Debi Chittock. They discuss the farm system they have developed on their property near Balclutha and the breeding objectives that will allow them to make the best use of what they can grow in this environment.

Episode Five - What the customers want

Episode five takes a different angle, this time from the perspective of the customer. Susan Murray talks to Duncan New Zealand’s procurement manager, Ray Coombes. He explains what they and their end customers are wanting their venison suppliers to produce, and the role that good genetics plays.

Episode Six - Mythbusting

In the final of this series,  Geoff Asher, Jamie Ward and Sharon McIntyre address some of the old myths and misconceptions about breeding and genetics.

These podcasts have been produced as part of the Passion2Profit programme, a Primary Growth Partnership co-funded by Deer Industry New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries.