2021 Deer Industry Conference

2021 Deer Industry Conference

The 2021 Deer Industry Conference "The 2020s: the focus is you" was held in Invercargill on 18 and 19 May 2021.


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Videos - Day 1

Innes Moffat: Deer Industry 2020-21: State of the Nation

Blake Holgate: Rural and NZ Financial Outlook

The Hon Damien O’Connor: Short presentation and Q&A

Lance Burdett: Key note speaker: Challenging our Challenges

Emil Murphy and Jamie Ward: Technical/Science Programme

VelTrak™: Velvet antler traceability 2021 Vision and implementation steps

Dr Lindsay Fung and Phil McKenzie: GHG know your number discussion

Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth: Keynote speaker: In defense of Meat

Videos - Day 2

Dr Lindsay Fung: Environment Session keynote

Dr Lindsay Burton and Rob Philips: Winter grazing management and responsibility - Combining Animal Welfare and environmental responsibility

Nick Taylor and Venison company managers: Venison session, general update, company updates

Tony Watson: Safe people, Safe farms

Rhys Griffiths: Velvet Session - Market update and strategies

John Tacon: NVSB reporting

Phil McKenzie: Deer farm performance: The P2P Programme and next steps towards a P2P 2

DINZ Board members: Short presentations on the DINZ Board Industry Perspectives and Q&A session

Kaila Colbin: Closing Key Note speaker

Lynda Gray