2014 Deer Industry Conference

2014 Deer Industry Conference

2014 Conference Programme

See Video clips of all presenters at the 2014 Industry Conference 

DINZ Presentations
Andy Macfarlane DINZ Board Chairman - We cannot predict the future but we can create it

Dan Coup - DINZ update
Rhys Griffiths - Velvet Marketing Manager

Mandy Bell P2P Chair - Where we are at

Processor/Marketer Presentations
Sharon Angus - Silver Fern Farms
John Rabbitt - Alliance Group
Peter Keeling - Firstlight Foods
John Sadler - Mountain River 

Industry partners
Graeme Mulligan - Landcorp Farms
Richard Copeland - Rabobank NZ Ltd

Guest Speakers
Professor David Hughes - Turning Profit into Potential
Mark Nevin - Swanndri

Science & Technical session
Geoff Asher - DEERSelect, DPT and DEERlink
Geoff Asher - Body condition score, lactation and drought 
Frank Griffin - Johnes Marker Research
Dave Lawrence - Parasites