Venison Recipes

Venison Recipes

New Zealand farm raised venison is tender and delicious and can be adapted to a wide variety of cooking styles.

We've got hundreds of venison recipes for you to try.  Go to to search for a recipe to suit any style, cut or budget.

Here is a selection of recipes:

Venison steak with Jack Daniels whiskey sauce

Easy venison medallions. Buy them from your supermarket now.

Fennel dusted venison medallions

Fennel and venison naturally compliment each other - and this delicious and hearty meal is really healthy too.

Venison and Rice Stick Noodle Salad

The combination of lean venison, rice noodles (for carbohydrate), seasonings and salad greens, makes a well-balanced, low-fat, palate-stimulating start to dinner or a light meal.

Pan roasted venison Denver Leg noisettes

Pan roasted venison Denver leg noisettes, prosciutto tartlet with celeriac puree, tomato & anchovy cream sauce.

Al Brown's seared venison salad with pinot reduction

A little time, and a little attention create this succulent starter for 6.