DINZ Services

DINZ Services

New recipes, food photography, websites, maintaining an industry presence on social media are services that no individual company will do on behalf of everyone, but are important for the industry’s reputation.

DINZ can retain and train chefs to work with all venison marketing companies to encourage the modern use of venison when it wouldn’t make sense for one company to do so, and where we can co-ordinate a series of individual company activities at one time of the year it makes it more cost effective to supply chefs for companies activities, rather than sending chefs independently. 

The types of activities DINZ undertakes on behalf of the New Zealand deer industry include:

Chef training

DINZ aims to introduce 1,000 young chefs to New Zealand farm raised venison every year. DINZ works with culinary schools and importers to conduct venison cooking demonstrations in New Zealand, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.


Online Presence for the New Zealand Venison Industry 

Deer Industry New Zealand makes sure customers around the world can always find interesting and informative information about New Zealand venison.  The DINZ venison channel on youtube has over 40 recipes and information videos, www.nzvenison.com, http://www.cervena.com are packed with chefs' tips, cooking guidelines and searchable recipe databases.  You can follow what's happening with New Zealand venison in Swedish, French, Dutch and German, and you can become a fan of New Zealand venison on www.facebook.com/newzealandvenison, or at www.facebook.com/cervenavenison.