What will change for vets?

What will change for vets?

VelTrak registration for deer vets begins when the ‘primary user’ in their ‘business’ registers with VelTrak. The primary user can then register any NVSB-registered vet and other staff members who will be working with their business.   


Unrelated vet ‘businesses’ cannot borrow or share tags if one of them runs out. So the most flexible option in regions where deer vets work across multiple clinics is to register all the clinics in VelTrak as a single ‘business’. This business will need to order tags centrally via the VelTrak on-line ordering system and distribute them to the clinics in its network.

Tags drawn down by the business can then be allocated to any of its deer farmer clients by any of the NVSB-vets the primary user has registered on VelTrak.

To allocate tags to individual farms, record the tag numbers on the VelTrak website, either manually or by using a barcode scanner. Packs of tags are labeled with barcodes of the starting and ending tag numbers, making it easy to record transfers of multiple tags to farms using a barcode scanner. On farms with only a few stags you can record individual tags to the recipient.

Before a veterinarian can allocate VelTrak tags to a farmer, the farm’s velvetting and cold storage facilities must have passed an RCS audit. This applies regardless of whether the farmer or the vet removes the antlers.

If a farmer has failed a RCS audit, this will be flagged up in VelTrak, which will not permit tag allocation. Nor should a vet allocate tags to farmers who aren't NVSB accredited, unless a deer vet does their velvetting and the farm’s facilities have passed an RCS audit. If a client wishes to do their own velvetting, they must – as at present – be NVSB accredited and have a NVSB supervisory contract with a vet in your practice.

DINZ will invoice your business for the tags you order. You can pass this cost on to your farmer clients, along with an appropriate mark-up to cover handling and inventory costs.

The retail price of the tags is expected to be around 49 c/tag. When tag production costs are confirmed, DINZ will publish a recommended retail price.

Click here to read the VelTrak User Guide fo Vet Clinics

Deer Vets/Clinics Webinar– 19 March 2021

Andrew Scurr, NZVA member of the National Velvetting Standards Body presents on VelTrak, the new electronic track-and-trace system for deer velvet which will be rolled out this year in time for the 2021/22 velvet season. Joining Andrew is Deer Industry New Zealand QA Manager John Tacon and Quality Systems Administrator Pam MacLeman to help answer questions following the presentation.