What will change for farmers?

What will change for farmers?

In order for a farmer to sell their velvet into the human food chain, they must be registered with VelTrak and tag their velvet with the new VelTrak tags. This applies to farmers who are NVSB-accredited to do their own velvetting, as well as those who get a vet to do their velvetting. Left-over tags from the 2020/21 season will no longer be valid.

VelTrak registration for deer farms opens on 3 May 2021. In late April 2021 DINZ will email an invitation to someone in each farm business to register on the VelTrak system. This will be the person DINZ has recorded as the primary contact for the business. Once this person has registered, they can invite other members of their farm staff to register in VelTrak and specify their permissions level (role). 

VelTrak is designed to make compliance easier for farmers. It will also make it very difficult for anyone velvetting in unregistered facilities and outside our industry-agreed standards to sell their velvet. 

You will no longer need to record tag numbers or fill out a paper VSD. Tags will be allocated to you by your vet clinic, which will have recorded them on the VelTrak website. The tags will next be scanned and recorded by the velvet buyer, or the receiving warehouse, using a UHF scanner.

When the velvet buyer or receiver scans your velvet, they will generate a draft electronic Velvet Status Declaration (eVSD) in VelTrak for you to approve. With a private sale on a farm with internet access, the eVSD could be generated by the buyer for approval almost immediately. In the case of firms that use a central depot, it could be 3-4 working days. The person buying or picking up your velvet will tell you when the eVSD is likely to be ready.

Once the eVSD is ready for approval you will be advised by email. It is important when you get this email to promptly check and approve the eVSD. 

This will enable your velvet to move to the next step in the supply chain and for you to be paid.

If you don’t use email, ask someone with an email address who you trust to make declarations about velvet on your behalf.  You will need to let this person know all relevant information relating to your velvet consignments so that they can make accurate declarations when approving eVSDs.

IMPORTANT: When approving a Velvet Status Declaration (VSD) in the VelTrak system it is vital that you read, understand and answer correctly the three declaration questions on page three of the eVSD. You must answer YES to all three questions for your velvet to meet QA requirements for the human food chain. These answers cannot be changed once you have approved the eVSD. Please check carefully that you have selected the correct answers before approving the eVSD.

VelTrak tags and how to apply them

The new VelTrak tags are black. On the barcode and in the UHF RFID chip in each tag there is a unique number that has been allocated by your vet to your farm. This number has been recorded on the VelTrak website. It allows each stick to be tracked all the way to the market (and back again).


  • Use the new black tags only (velvet with last season’s blue tags will not be accepted for a VSD).
  • Keep the tags clean and dry before attaching them to the stick (wet or dirty tags may not stick).
  • Attach each tag by wrapping it around the velvet and sticking it on the top of the other end of the tag, without covering the barcode or any of the printing (don’t stick the inside ends of the tag together like an airline luggage tag).  
  • Leave some space between the tag and the stick, so it dries properly during processing (you should be able to easily fit your little finger between the tag and the stick).
  • If you tag velvet when it is hanging on a rack, cut end upward, put the tag on upside down (this means it will read correctly when the dried stick is held with the tynes pointing upward).
  • If the stick is very thick, place the tag somewhere on the stick where it will fit. Do not stick two tags end on end (or it will result in two readings).

The following video was filmed with prototype green tags. The new UHF RFID tags are black.


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Deer Farmers Webinar - 29 April 2021

Deer Industry New Zealand QA Manager John Tacon presents on VelTrak, the new electronic track-and-trace system for deer velvet which is being rolled out this year in time for the 2021/22 velvet season and what farmers need to do. John is joined by Quality Systems Administrator Pam MacLeman who helps answer some questions following the presentation.