What will change for buyers and pack houses?

What will change for buyers and pack houses?

To participate, buyers and packhouses must be registered on VelTrak and have access to Zebra brand UHF RFID scanners or a specified fixed reader (see below). 

These scanners are a significant investment for buyers and packhouses in the long-term reputation of NZ deer velvet. It builds on the major investments deer farmers have made to ensure their deer sheds and freezers comply with the MPI Regulated Control Scheme for velvet removal.

DINZ will email an invitation to register to the primary contact for your business. Once this person has registered, they can invite other members of staff to register in VelTrak and specify their permissions level (role).

VelTrak will mean some quite significant changes in how buyers and receivers operate. From the 2021/22 season, you will become responsible for generating eVSDs once you have bought velvet or receive it in store. You will then need to email the farmer to alert them that the eVSD is waiting on VelTrak website for their approval. VelTrak makes all these processes easy. 

Independent buyers: eVSD generation and approval  

Scanning can only be done with a Zebra UHF RFID scanner and recorded using the VelTrak computer app (from Google Play Store) or via a fixed reader where a packhouse has opted for this. To minimise the cost to buyers and packhouses, DINZ is negotiating a bulk order of the Zebra scanners.   

VelTrak allows bulk bins or even truckloads of velvet from multiple farms to be scanned with a high degree of accuracy. It works out which sticks come from which farm and enables you to generate eVSDs for individual farmer approval. 

After grading and sorting a consignment for sale to a packhouse, independent buyers need to scan the velvet again. This enables an agent eVSD to be raised in VelTrak using a process similar to the raising of a farmer eVSD. Agent eVSDs do not need to be approved by the receiving packhouse. 

Subsequent movements of velvet -- such as to/from a processor, or sale -- can optionally be recorded in VelTrak by UHF scanning and recording the movement as a Velvet Transfer Record (VTR). Recording these movements is not mandatory but, if done, will provide a complete record of the movement of each velvet stick.

VelTrak for buyers, agents and packhouses 

If you wish to maintain a complete record in VelTrak of all velvet movements, including those that do not require a VSD or agent VSD, you have the option to do this using VTRs (Velvet Transfer Records). 

DINZ is organising training sessions for buyers/receivers and packhouses to help you become familiar with VelTrak. If you are on our contact database you will be notified about when and where these are being held. If not, please contact us T: 04 471 6114. E: info@deernz.org

How to use the Zebra scanner

This video was filmed with prototype green tags. The new UHF RFID tags are black.

How to manage the files on your Zebra scanner

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