Data Access and Sharing Policy

Data Access and Sharing Policy


This protocol governs the confidentiality of VelTrak data, that is how data about individuals and organisations is protected from third party disclosure without authorization of the person or organization concerned.  In scope is data use by DINZ and data disclosure to third parties.

Out of scope are matters of data privacy, privacy being a person’s ability to control the availability of data about themselves.  That is because the data entered into VelTrak about a person or business is either automatic or extremely limited in scope, users have direct access to all their personal information by virtue of logging into VelTrak and the considerations relating to data entry are dealt with in the VelTrak terms and conditions of use that each user must accept.

Out of scope are matters of data security – how all VelTrak information is protected from inadvertent or fraudulent disclosure, is wired into VelTrak itself by virtue of the systems, products and processes used to create and run the software on the various devices.  


As the database creator and owner, DINZ asserts its right to deal in VelTrak data for industry good purposes and subject to the law.  The DINZ board approved principles for the sharing of VelTrak information in July 2020 and determined that the CEO could approve detailed protocols applying those principles.  While protocols are to cover foreseeable circumstances relating to data access, unforeseeable circumstances where data access is sought wlll arise, for which the principles should be applied directly.


The VelTrak data protocol is attached here for your intormation >>