Benefits of VelTrak

Benefits of VelTrak

Market benefits

VelTrak enables velvet to be rapidly tracked up or down the supply chain in response to a food safety (e.g. cold chain temperature deviance, chemical contamination, veterinary medicine residue) or biosecurity issue, enabling a farm or consignment to be identified and the risk contained. This level of traceability is what major brand-name companies expect of their raw material suppliers.

VelTrak entrenches the strong reputation NZ velvet enjoys in Korea and China. This is due to the integrity of our production systems.

VelTrak reduces the risk of human error and fraud, by enabling cloud-based electronic tracking from the vet (the source of velvet tags) to the marketplace.

VelTrak helps to lock in the price premium NZ velvet enjoys in Korea. While other countries have piggy backed on the work NZ has done developing demand from Korean health food companies, VelTrak provides a level of sophistication they are unlikely to match.

VelTrak is likely to play an important role in developing demand from health food companies in China. As a result of numerous food safety and adulteration scares in China, proof of quality and traceability are critically important to leading Chinese heath food brands.Regulatory push

There is an increasing pressure for demonstrated compliance with comprehensive food safety measures, particularly by regulators in NZ velvet’s core markets (China and South Korea). NZ velvet has recently come under MPI’s National Chemical Residues Monitoring Programme. Supply chain participants, particularly non-exporting buyers, use paper-based inventory management which is not always reliable for product tracing purposes.

Click below to watch a NZ exporter discussing the benefits that VelTrak will confer on our industry.

Operational benefits

All participants with investment in the velvet supply chain are VelTrak beneficiaries: velvet producers, velvet buyers, processors and exporters/marketers.

Benefits for all participants

The pain of recording numbers and dates by hand onto forms and ledgers will be removed: accurate traceability will be ensured by a combination of tag data being captured by scanning as well as most 'fixed' data being pre-populated onto electronic forms or selectable from drop-down menus.  Testing shows that electronic form completion is much quicker than handwriting.

Completed documentation will be much more secure as it will be stored in the cloud and only takes logging on to VelTrak using any device to access it. 

Data on velvet transactions, whether they are relevant commercially or to an auditor, will be instantly searchable and accessible.

Information on inventory movements (whether tags or velvet) and the parties involved in a period of interest will be instantly accessible to a user, and thereby support planning processes.

The same system is applicable to all velvet supply chain participants, to minimise the inefficiencies in new clients joining a network.

For veterinarians

Veterinarians will be able to search the RCS status of a farm instantly before agreeing to supply velvet tags through the Quick Check tool and a red flag will prevent supply to non-compliant farmers. 

Veterinarians will no longer be required to transcribe tag numbers into their own logs of tags allocated to their farmer clients - these logs will be recorded automatically by VelTrak when tags are scanned out to clients.  The scanning gear required for veterinarians is simply the same plug-in barcode scanner used to record product sales by the clinic - or numbers can be manually entered for a vet velvetting just a few stags on farm.

VelTrak includes an efficient online tag ordering system.  This system provides data to the practice on tags in stock in the practice and tags already on hand at each client's farm, thereby supporting improved stock control.

For farmers

Farmers will be spared the pain of filling in paper forms at all.  All farmers will need to do to comply with traceability requirements is continue to tag whole-stick velvet (or include a tag in or on a bag of spiker or regrowth) and confirm an electronic Velvet Status Declaration (VSD) electronically when the farmer is notified that it is ready.

Farmers will no longer need to keep copies of paper VSDs ready for production in an audit - all VSDs are stored electronically and are searchable.

For buyers

VelTrak provides increased protection for the NZ velvet industry, particularly velvet buyers. While scanning consignements to create VSDs and AVSDs will involve more work for buyers For than before, the risks to their business of a suspected food safety incident areconsiderably reduced: affected product can be easily identified and ring fenced, enabling trade in unaffected stock to continue.  

VelTrak will require all participants to be registered with DINZ and in VelTrak, and will therefore restrict opportunistic behaviour whereby an occasional new entrant might undermine investment by longstanding operators.

Besides swift forward and back tracing of product, VelTrak's online archive of stock and transactions provides more responsive inventory management rather than paper-based systems.

For customers

Customers who buy products made from New Zealand Deer Velvet will have greater assurance that the New Zealand deer velvet products they buy meet the animal welfare and food safety standards they expect.