Transport QA

Transport QA

Deer Industry New Zealand operates a national training and verification scheme to ensure deer transporters are trained and certified on how to handle and transport deer correctly.

Transporting deer
The transportation of deer is a vital link in the overall “pasture to plate” concept. Assurances covering transport have to be given and met in order to satisfy the requirements of importing countries. Transport requirements from many of the industry's importing countries have become increasingly complex and are highly likely to impact on the way we go about transporting deer in the future.

DeerQA Transport Quality Assurance Programme

To become accredited to the DeerQA Transport Quality Assurance Programme, transport operators must meet three basic requirements:

  1. Have all deer crates certified to the DeerQA Transport Standards.
  2. Have all deer truck drivers attend and be approved through the industry training course.
  3. Have a documented procedure manual describing how their deer transport business operates available for audit.

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Transport and Velvetting Reminders

Transport and Velvetting reminders

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