Policy & Representation

Policy & Representation

Some recent changes that may affect you:


  • Executive have worked with NAIT to allow deer farmers to tag their animals with varioius colours on their NAIT tags (apart from white) for the male part of the tag. Cattle must be all white.
  • There is a three-year exemption period for animals born before 1 March 2013 to be tagged with NAIT-approved RFID tags, unless they are being moved off-farm.
  • Tags on trophy stags may be removed with NAIT's permission if they are being sent to a game park. This can be done by the game park operator or on the farm of origin if this is safer. NAIT needs to be informed if a tag is removed and must also be advised of the change in the animal’s location.
  • Fallow deer are exempt based on tag loss rates for these animals. Fallow deer farmers must apply to NAIT for written permission to use this exemption. When moving fallow deer the person in charge of the animals must complete an ASD/TB form.

If you require information or assistance with NAIT related activities please contact 0800 624 843 or email info@nait.co.nz



  • Land & Water Regional Plan-submissions from both combined DINZ/DFA and Canterbury DFA Branch

For more information on how the Land & Water Regional Plans affect you contact your Resource Management Coordination team in Christchurch on (03) 353-9007 or email ecinfo@ecan.govt.nz

Sustainable Farming Fund Projects
Both the Landcare Manual and JRG2 projects have been concluded and final reporting completed. The Industry JD risk management plan is now also complete and available for annual review or more so if required. Contact DINZ on 04 473 4500

NZDFA Submissions and papers.
Copies available on request email tony.pearse@deernz.org

  1.  Ministry for Primary Industries; NAIT: Infringements and data access panel formation and Regulations.
  2.  Ministry for Primary Industries; Animal welfare and proposals for new code developments
  3.  Otago Regional Council Plan Change 6a (Water Quality) to the regional plan: water for Otago
  4.  ECAN: Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan
  5.  Velvet and venison pre season seminar with Canterbury branch at Stanfield
  6. NAIT annual report and shareholder AGM (NAIT AGM report available on request



NZDFA Remits