Annual Deer Industry Conference

Annual Deer Industry Conference

The Industry holds annual Conference's where farmers, industry participants and partners can get together and debrief on the year past and the plans for the industry's future.

The event is hosted by a regional NZDFA branch that nominates itself to host the conference and it generally moves from island to island each year.

With a host of guest speakers, not always from farming fields, but with great reputations on the national and international stage, the atmosphere is invigorating. Along with industry market updates from the DINZ Executives, partner updates on the in-market activity and the farming environment in general from the likes of supportive rural banks and commercial entities.

It is a great way to hear what is on the agenda from DINZ board perspectives and to have a say at the annual AGM of the NZDFA.

For more information on this years event go to Events page of the Industry website or click here