P2P - Marketing Premium Venison

P2P - Marketing Premium Venison

Project 1.  Expansion of the collaborative Summer marketing programme in the Netherlands to increase sales outside of the traditional European game season. Identify other markets that can benefit from collaborative development.  Aiming to have three or four new non-seasonal markets taking 1,200 tonnes (CWE) of venison by year 7. 

Project 2. Implement a collaborative marketing programme in China, if it is commercially feasible to do so.  Aiming to have new markets able to demand up to 2,500 tonnes (CWE) of venison by year 7.

Project 3. Implement national on-farm quality assurance programmes via venison processors, in step with the red meat farm-assurance programme.  Aim to have national adoption of the QA Standards by year 7 across all venison processing companies.


The Cervena Benelux trial 

The trial focuses on introducing Cervena Venison to Dutch and Belgian Foodservice channels, is now into its 3rd year.

The long-term aim of this project is to sell more chilled venison all year round and specifically to have available 1200T CWE destined for non-traditional markets.

In 2016, 3 exporting companies: Firstlight, Silver Fern Farms and Alliance worked with their in-market partner wholesalers, Hanos, Sligro and Metro to promote Cervena venison during spring- summer. In 2017, Duncan NZ will join the trial in 2017.

Exporting companies agreed on a summer positioning promoting the suitability of Cervena as a lighter summer eating option to chefs and agreed to use messaging and imagery that was consistent with this positioning.

Promotional activities focus on introducing to Chefs and to a smaller extent consumers, to what Cervena is, its quality credentials and its suitability for summer eating.

Click here to see some of the activities which have been carried out.  www.cervena.be




China Market Development Project

The five marketing companies agree to examine opportunities for New Zealand venison in Mainland China.  Venison is not a commonly used meat in most mainstream Chinese cuisine styles, but the healthy attributes of venison and New Zealand's reputation as a producer of fine food should provide opportunities to supply niche markets.  The companies have sponsored market research asking for key purchase motivations of Chinese consumers and chefs, and conducted market development work with importers and Chinese chefs in theTier-One Cities on the mainland.


Germany Summer Marketing Trial

Silver Fern Farms and Alliance will lead the industry approach to marketing Cervena venison in Germany as a summer protein option in 2017.  Specialist food service distribution companies are partnering with the New Zealand industry to introduce Cervena Venison as a differentiated protein from traditional game season products as an ideal option for lighter summer style dishes and grilling items.

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