DINZ Activity

DINZ Activity

Deer Industry New Zealand represents and works alongside deer farmers, processors and marketers both on farm and in our international markets with trade and consumers. This section covers the current activities of DINZ and its associates.

New Measures for Handling Velvet May 2017 - if you're looking for a copy of the new measures, the Q&A sheet, the shed gallery or the list of approved compounds, click here >>

The Producer support team assists farmers and its DFA members New Zealand wide, covering industry policy related matters, operational management of DFA, coordination & communication of Industry activities such as Focus Farms and Industry conference events.

Teaching chefs to work with New Zealand venison

Promoting the best red meat in the world. Deer industry levys are put to work telling chefs and consumers in priority markets what's so good about New Zealand farm raised venison.

'P2P' or 'Passion to Profit' is a deer industry programme aimed at improving the profitability of farming deer and ensuring a thriving industry for generations to come.

Velvet market development is aimed to create sustainable and profitable business streams throughout the New Zealand velvet industry with this novel health ingredient; well respected by sophisticated consumers in the Asia markets

The behaviour of deer is as fascinating as their distinct biology – their antlers, the leanness of their carcases, their diet preferences and their seasonality.

To the deer industry, quality includes animal welfare, animal health, food safety, identification, traceability and environmental issues.

VelTrak - proof of integrity from farm to market