These resources are calculators, spreadsheets and templates that will help you become more productive by planning changes suited to your farm situation and goals. There are also tools here to help you monitor and measure your progress. 

The resources here have been developed specifically for deer farms.  Here is a brochure summarising what is available and how it can help with business monitoring and planning << A profitable, Sustainable Deer Farming Business>>

Using these could be a helpful first step towards implementing a full farm management system. 

Background information to help you get the best out of these resources can be found in the Deer Hub under the general headings: Genetics, Health, Feeding, Farm & Environment.

Feedback on these tools is welcomed. Please email with any questions, comments or suggestions for other productivity tools that you would find useful.

Genetic improvement is permanent, cumulative and sustainable. These tools help identify the right genetics for your farm, and balance your breeding programme.
Healthy deer grow better and faster. A tailored health programme for your farm will help you make sure nothing is holding them back.
deer feed app

Unleash the genetic potential of your deer by giving them the feed they need. These tools will help you plan your feed programme, monitor growth and compare costs.

An environment plan is now an essential everyday part of your farm management programme. These B+LNZ templates will help you get started. The Environmental Mangement Code of Practice (launching 16 May 2018) provides the practical detail for your environment plan.

Planning and tracking your performance made easy. Download individual analysis sheets, or all in one convenient package.

Analyse and manage financial performance.