Genetics is one of the fundamental drivers of improving industry productivity.The industry is well served by a variety of commercial stud breeders and artificial breeding companies. The Deer Progeny Test project is now providing across-herd breeding value linkages.

Deer Select is New Zealand’s national deer recording database. Breeding values are estimated and economic Indexes are calculated using the pedigree records and performance data.

Keen on Genes Podcasts and Videos

Deer Industry NZ has released a series of 6 podcasts called "Keen on Genes" which takes you through the story of deer genetics and how important genetics are to on farm productivity and profitability.
Narrated by award-winning rural broadcaster Susan Murray and co-produced by Susan and Deer Industry News Editor Phil Stewart, you can listen to and download these Podcasts here >>

Episodes 1-5 are also able to be viewed as videos. You can watch the videos here >>


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Convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheets covering many aspects of genetic improvement and deer breeding have been published by DINZ as part of the P2P programme.

Print off your own copies here >>

Stud breeders are collectively responsible for effecting genetic change in the commercial (producer) herds.

Commercial herds are producer farms, which breed offspring for product end points such as venison, velvet or trophy production

Deer Select is the New Zealand’s national deer recording database. Deer Select stores pedigree and performance (trait) records, then uses this data to provide estimated breeding values and economic