Nutrition, both intake and feed quality, has a major impact on productivity, determining reproductive performance, animal health, weaner liveweight gain and timing of venison supply

Feeding sources can be broken into crops, pasture based systems, or supplementary feed systems.

There are several useful tools for measuring and managing feed for deer. 

When, what and how much should I feed to assist with conception rates and weight gain?

When grass isn’t enough to provide your deer nutrition expectations, crops and forages can fill nutrition gaps.  Planning your forage rotations can take a bit of work, so here’s a wall chart that might help. 

Discerning consumers and top chefs pay premium prices for our Cervena venison because – as well as being a great eating experience -- it comes from deer grazed on the ‘fresh, clean, natural farmlands of New Zealand’.  The word ‘natural’ satisfies their concerns about animal welfare and farming sy