Adult hind management calendar

Adult hind management calendar


Duration or target stock class



Late Feb – 1st week March


  • Weaning (pre rut)
  • Selenuim, Copper, Iodine administered at this time (property dependant)
  • Blood sample MA hinds at this time to monitor for Leptospirosis
  • Treat  light hinds
  • First calvers should be mated separately
  • Hinds should have a condition score of >3 to not impact on cycling dates. Hinds with BCS < 3 should be given a drench

1st week of March


  • Stag joining
  • Mating mob allocation
  • Stags should be observed showing normal rutting behaviour.
  • Back-up essential where single-sire used.
  • Farmer observation determines action in multi-sire situation

1st week of April

1 cycle before end of mating

Back-up Stag joined or dominant stag removed (multi sire)


Last week of April

7-8 weeks (after 3 oestrus cycles)

Stag out

A judgement call,  based on condition, must be made at this time as to whether the stags need a drench (A must-do for Wapiti sires)

Late May/early Jun


  • Scanning
  • Copper treatment (property dependent)
  • Identify early conception, late, and dry hinds.
  • Use dry hinds to test for copper & selenium status at the works

Aug/Sep onwards


  • separate  management of  early and late calving mobs
  • Feed management

Calving date can be  brought forward by  feeding hinds well to Improving their condition


3 weeks pre-calving

  • Scan or udder test
  • Put into calving mobs
  • If you have concerns about foetal loss, do a second scan or udder test pre set-stocking
  • Mobbing at this time allows social hierarchy 'establishment before calving'



Set Stocking

  • First  calvers need to be mobbed separately
  • Later calving mob can be set stocked 1 month later


fawns > 2 weeks old


  • Aim to optimise feed quality
  • Start once calves at least 2 weeks old
  • Rotate early calving mobs from mid-December

Late Jan/ early Feb


  • Drench and NAIT tag calves
  • Feed Management
  • If there is a parasite problem this is the earliest date to think about drenching especially for lungworm
  • Avoid using pour-ons: use a combination Mectin (ML) & White (BZ) component
  • Aim to optimise feed quality for hinds and calves


First calved mob of 3 month old weaners

  • Vaccinate


  • Yersinia 0 2 shots (4 -6 weeks apart)
  • Lepto ac (property dependent)


Late born calves