Purchasing deer using Deer Select

Purchasing deer using Deer Select

Using Deer Select to buy a stag
When considering purchasing new breeding stock, look for breeders whose breeding goals match your objectives and who are recording on Deer Select.  Buyers of breeding stock can access quarterly Sire Summary Reports and ask breeders to provide them DEERSelect BVs and Indices on breeding stock they are considering purchasing.  To find stag breeders who record on Deer Select look for Deer Select’s Quarterly Sire Summary reports.   

Quarterly Sire Summary Reports
Quarterly Sire Summary Reports are published by DEEResearch in April, July, October and December, and sometimes in between.  Latest reports are for Red deer only owing to insufficient linkage between Wapiti of different herds to make Wapiti animals of different herds readily comparable.  Wapiti breeders have reports provided to them of their own animals' performance, however.  Deer Select reports detail all sires with 5 or more progeny recorded on Deer Select in the past 2 years. 

They provide:

  • a range of BVs, plus accuracies
  • indices

and in respect of each recorded animal, list the:

  • number of its progeny on Deer Select
  • original breeder (Birth Herd)
  • Current owner of that sire

This information will gives you a good starting point to source those genetics whether by semen purchase (AI) or purchase of sons of the stags.  The Sire Summary Lists are only lists for current industry sires. Individual stud breeders have reports for the rest of the breeding stock (progeny, young stags and breeding hinds) within the stud herd. Use the figures from the Sire Summary to indicate new breeding stock with high genetic merit.

Assessing progress
Ask your breeder to show you their genetic trends graph for your goal BVs or Economic Index of interest.  See if they are making significant genetic progress.  Request the BVs and relevant economic indices for the deer you are considering purchasing.  Ensure you check how current those BVs are, as different runs can produce slightly different results. BVs and Indices are constantly changing as new data is uploaded.  If in doubt, refer to the latest Deer Select Sire Summary list on the DEEResearch website. The individual BVs or indices of sires on the Sire Summary lists are listed in bold type if that sire is in the top 10% for that BV or index.

Comparing performance of different stud breeders
Ensure the indices and BVs the stud breeder is providing are comparable with other herds by reviewing their stud herd on the Deer Select across-herd linkage graph.    Linkage graphs provide a measure of connectiveness of herds analysed. Good connection would be a figure less than 0.1, whereas anything greater than 0.25 is considered poor connection, which means the indices (and eBVs) are not really comparable with other herds.  

Hind purchases
When purchasing hinds from stud breeders, consider at least all of the same factors as for a stag.