Genetic trends

Genetic trends

DEERSelect can produce Genetic Trend graphs every time an analysis is undertaken to produce BVs and Indices.  These graphs are very useful for breeders and stock purchasers, as they show the genetic progress that a breeder is making over time. They also indicate the size of rate of progress you could expect to make using their stock.

The important thing with genetic trends graph is to view the trends for the BVs or Indices for your breeding goal.  Don’t be distracted by trends for BVs outside your breeding goal, or by minor ups and downs in the graph.  Question why there may have been a dip or jump one year, but overall look for the trend over time; for your goal it should be moving in an upward direction, and the steeper the line the more rapid the change.

 Example: Good and bad Genetic Trend graphs for a single trait BV

 Herd A has made rapid and positive genetics gains for carcass weight BV from 1990 to 2011.










Example: Genetic trend graph for an Economic Index


 However, Herd D (which has a stronger velvet focus) has made no effective changes in genetic performance for this trait over this period.












This graph shows the genetic trends for four stud herds for the Terminal Index