Deer Select

Deer Select

Deer Select is the New Zealand’s national deer recording database. Deer Select stores pedigree and performance (trait) records, then uses this data to provide estimated breeding values and economic indices.  Deer stud breeders can use these breeding values and indexes to make selection decisions and monitor their genetic progress within the nationally recorded herd. Commercial herds can use breeding values and indexes to select stud breeders and make purchase decisions based on directly comparable data across different stud herds.

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For more information on Deer Select contact the Deer Industry office on 04 473 4500  or refer to DINZ contacts

Information on Deer Select is available in a convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheet (September 2015). Print off your own copy here »

Deer Select is a database for storing pedigree records and trait data collected from performance recorded animals.
Genetic trend graphs are very useful for breeders and stock purchasers, as they show the genetic progress that a breeder is making over time.
Genetic linkage across herds and years is critical to breeding programs which utilize Breeding Values (BVs) to provide a measure of genetic worth.
When considering purchasing new breeding stock, look for breeders whose breeding goals match your objectives and who are recording their herd genetics on Deer Select.

Getting started with recording deer on Deer Select

A trait is a specific genetically inherited feature of your stock. A breeding value is a measurement of the intensity of that trait likely to be inherited b the stock's progeny.