Unleash the genetic potential of your deer by giving them the feed they need. These tools will help you plan your feed programme, monitor growth and compare costs.

Many deer farmers find it helpful to set targets for the growth rate of their finishing animals and replacement hinds. Monitoring growth rates against these targets lets them know if they are on track, or if a change is needed in the management of the animals. The Deer Growth Curves provide predictions of growth to hit liveweight targets for young deer. Printed posters are available, as well as on-line calculators.

Use paper chart or online calculator for managing feed requirements to get your R2 hinds through to target weights and ensure good reproductive performance in first fawmers. Adjustable for mature hind weight.

Make sure you are matching feed supply with demand by working out actual deer stock units in your herd.

If you are considering offering supplements over this dry summer and want to know what going to give you the best bang for your buck then go to deernz.org/deerapp and use the new Feed Cost Comparer.

Calculate total feed requirements for the hind or hind/fawn pair to meet liveweight targets. Requirements of growing weaners can also be calculated.  This can be downloaded onto a phone to be used offline.