Environment Planning Templates

Environment Planning Templates

Land Environment Plan (LEP) Level 1

For the Level 1 Workbooks you can choose one of two methods – farm mapping or risk assessment. Once one of workbooks is completed you will have a Level 1 LEP. Some people find the risk assessment method easier, others prefer farm mapping, it’s up to you.

  1. Risk assessment method >>
  2. Farm mapping method >>

Land Environment Plan (LEP) Level 2

The Level 2 guidelines that build on Level 1 and help you develop individual land management units. It usually takes between two and 20 hours to complete. About 25% of farmers should be able to complete a level 2 LEP without any specialist input.

Land Environment Plan (LEP) Level 3

The Level 3 guidelines that build on level 2 and aim to produce a plan comparable to those used by regional councils and quality assurance programmes. This takes about 20 hours to complete and some farmers will need some specialist assistance.

LEP Response Plan template: Download the response plan template to create a new land and environment plan, or review and change an exisiting plan. You can use this template for any level LEP.

Associated reference material

  • LEP Pamphlet: A pamphlet explaining why you should have a land environment plan (LEP); the difference between levels 1, 2 and 3; and the equivalence with other environmental systems.
  • Reference guide: listing key people, information and resources on soil, water and forestry that could assist you in your LEP process.
  • Completed examples: A booklet showing different types of completed LEPs for sheep and beef farms.


For more information on land and environment planning head to hub page: deernz.org/land-environment-planning >>


How can I get a hardcopy of the toolkit?

The toolkit is available free to all Beef + Lamb NZ levy payers as a hard copy. Contact your local Beef + Lamb NZ Extension Manager - beeflambnz.com/contact-us >>

Thank you to Beef + Lamb NZ for the use of the environment planning templates and reference material.