Body Condition Score Chart

Body Condition Score Chart

The Passion2Profit programme recognises the important impact seasonal changes in liveweight and deer body condition have on productivity, and the value of scoring hinds as a management tool.

It’s well proven that good hind feeding pre-mating to shift BCS up by 0.5-1.0 dramatically increases first cycle conception rates, overall better breeding management and fawning outcomes.

The only reliable method of assessing a live animal’s body condition is by hand-on palpation.  It’s important to become familiar with the range of condition types, and to apply your assessment consistently.

The BCS chart is also based in the Code of Welfare for deer that was established in 2004 and requires deer farmers to intervene at BCS 2 or less. This quick, simple  and reliable assessment of deer condition on your farms is founded with excellent research and application. P2P encourages deer farmers to try it as part of good herd health and management.  

DINZ is grateful for permission from Massey University and the original work in this area in the late 1980’s from Laurent Audige and Peter Wilson in developing the Body Condition Score systems.

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Body Condition Score Chart for Deer

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